Original projects are the ultimate fuelling of the creative fire.  The following projects are in varied stages of development whether just between myself and my agent, or with collaborating partners.  


I write original Books and Screenplays for film/tv projects.  Some work well in both mediums.

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Medium: Children's Chapter Book, Year 2-6.

At night on Monster Island, everyone stays safely inside their homes while nasty monsters roam the streets, but 9-yr-old Moogi believes good monsters exist too, and tonight, he puts his monster-suit on and ventures into the perilous night to prove it.


Medium: Animated Series Kids 6-11.

When Zia and Zac Doodlie use the family's magic pens to draw, they can to bring their creations to life.  They soon learn that creating new life makes for a whole lot of fun and fulfilment - but also a whole new set of challenging, funny and sometimes dangerous problems to solve.


Medium: Animated Series Kids 6-11.

The Greek Titan, Kronos has exacted his revenge upon his son - the God of the Sky, Zeus.  His punishment

is to have his soul banished to the body of a lowly domestic house cat, while Kronos plots the destruction of the world.  But this cat has an energetic owner, and the power of Zeus behind her.


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